Olena Molchanova

doctor gynecologist MD, PhD

Every day I work to make my patients feel happy and healthy

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My advantages

Every day I work to make my patients feel happy and healthy


I speak English, Russian, Polish, French, and Ukrainian.



100% anonymity guarantee.

Online support

Online support

You can contact me via Telegram, messenger, e-mail.

Unique and huge experience

Unique and huge experience

13 years in gynecology, more than 230 000 consultations, 400+ pregnancies, 69 scientific articles, 300+ international conferences.

Individual approach

Individual approach

I work according to the principle of individual approach to every patient. This method lets me to get success in problems of all levels.

Western standards

Western standards

I use only latest diagnostics and treatment protocols from the USA and European Union.

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My achievements

I do not stop at what has been achieved and constantly self-upgrade
2002 <br>College honors degree
College honors degree
Finished medical college with honors
2008  <br>University honors degree
University honors degree
Graduated with honors from Lviv National medical university
2011<br> Magister honors degree
Magister honors degree
Completed the internship in obstetrics and gynecology and also had magister degree with honors
2013<br> Telemedicine
Started helping people via online consultations (more than 230 000 answers)

2015 <br>Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of philosophy
Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in obstetrics and gynecology
2015 <br>Tranings courses
Tranings courses
Сolposcopy + ultrasound training courses
2017<br>Child gynecology
Child gynecology
Specialization in pediatric (child) gynecology
2018 <br> Medical director
Medical director
Medical director of American Medical Centers Lviv
2021 <br> Gynecologist highest degree
Gynecologist highest degree
Obtained the highest degree as a doctor gynecologist
It will not hurt – you have my guarantee

It will not hurt – you have my guarantee

Olena Molchanova - gynaecologyst-expert

Frequently, I hear the phrase: “I am so afraid of you,I know, it will hurt”.
I guarantee – your visit will not be painful. Annual check-up is no longer a problem. Our gynecological instruments are not those things to be afraid of and I always choose the smallest one for you.

And also I often hear another phrase: “I am afraid you will find out something is bad.”
But ignorance about the existence of the disease does not relieve the responsibility for its treatment.
Believe the professional - the earlier the diagnosis is, the easier and less time the therapy will be. After all, chronic pathologies are always treatable worse.

So, your task during a visit to a gynecologist is to be in a good mood. At the gynecological examination chair - to relax and give me the opportunity to perform my work qualitatively. 5-7 minutes (yes, this is just such a short time you will be at the examination chair) - and you can forget about it for another year.


Real reviews of my patients
★★★★★ 5.0

Olena is the best doctor I have ever met! Extremely pleasant, smart, professional and kind person. Just a discovery. All visits only with good impressions. I can even write рукat any moment in a messenger with a request for advice and she will always help. I recommend her uniquely!

Diana Kushnir
★★★★★ 5.0

Doctor Olena Molchanova found by chance on the reviews on the Internet, but I can definitely say that the doctor is competent and professional in her job. Most of all, I bribed that she simply and affordably describes the situation and possible ways to solve it. Does not intimidate. Does not impose. Explains everything in simple and accessible way, clearly and comprehensively answers all the questions. Advises with the patient, inquires about her fears and tries to eliminate them. An important factor is that she is constantly 24/7 in communication in one way or another and is always ready to help. I sincerely recommend.

★★★★★ 5.0

Thank you very much Olena for your professionalism, help and support during our entire pregnancy! Thank you for being 24/7 always in touch, giving me qualified answers and advice, and most importantly, you are are always worried about each of your patients. A long time ago I was looking for such a gynecologist as you - and finally found you, and therefore I confidently recommend the doctor Olena Molchanova! Thank you for being such a wonderful person and doctor! Sincerely Your Patient, Oksana!

Oksana Szendre
★★★★★ 5.0

Wonderful doctor: professional and pleasant in communication. I recommend.

Ludmyla Kalabukha
★★★★★ 5.0

To tell the truth, at the time of the appeal to Mrs. Olena, I have already had a rather skeptical impression at all doctors, since by that time I had been contacting at least four gynecologists and no treatment had any effect. So I was looking for a new specialist without much desire, but this time everything was radically different. Mrs. Olena is a great specialist who knows her job and does it with love and dedication! She helped me finally get rid of my problem after long unsuccessful attempts. Extremely friendly and sensitive person who really cares for the health of each of her patients!

Kate Kolos
★★★★★ 5.0

Such a good, friendly and helpful doctors as Olena is very difficult to find. She's like a friend: will remind you, support, calm down, cheer you up. Always in touch and answer any question in an accessible form. Doctor from God! I still remember how forcibly I wanted to be enrolled for the first time for your visit, but you were sic and they offered me another doctor, but I refused and wanted to come to you. And I did not regret the drop! Now I'm just going to see only you. Thank you for your professionalism and positive!

Ksenia Gryniv


You will not regret the cost and time spent on your health

40 USD

Online consultation
  • Online consultation (Telegram, e-mail, messenger)
  • Interpretation of survey results
  • Prescription or correction of treatment

105 USD

Initial survey 30 min
  • Consultation in clinic
  • Check-up at the gynecological examination chair
  • Interpretation of survey results
  • Prescription or correction of treatment

240 USD

Сomprehensive survey 60 min.
  • Check-up at the gynecological examination chair
  • PAP-smear
  • Wet-prep
  • Colposcopy
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Follow up

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"American Medical Centers", Akademika Bohomol'tsya St, 3, L'viv, Ukraine

Doctor gynecologist MD, PhD

"American Medical Centers", Akademika Bohomol'tsya St, 3, L'viv, Ukraine

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